REJEON hyaluronic acid filler 10ml lip filler hyaluronic acid injection

Short Description:

1. REJEON  is a dermal filler mainly composed of hyaluronic acid existing in the human body From raw materials to products, it is directly produced and strictly managed by Shangyang Medical.

2. REJEON is thoroughly tested, and undergoes several dialysis procedures to meet ISO standards To maintain the same high quality as its market leading competitors.

3. REJEON formula is 100% highly cross-linked,are biodegradable,non-animal based and of the highest quality. The hyaluronic acid it consists of is very concentrated and filtered to the highest purity without any BDDE residue.

4. We are the only whole chain control factory in China, guarantee the finished product quality.

We store the raw materials in a proper warehouse with proper humidity and temperature strictly to ensure its quality in.

Accept private label customization from global clinics and trader friends.

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REJEON Hyaluronic acid can fill the wrinkles, so that the skin surface to restore full state,immediately smooth wrinkles, people immediately have a youthful natural beauty.

To date, Our company has been used by patients in more than 160 countries, there have been more than 20 million treatments performed across the globe. There are many different kinds of beauty, and we can provide a variety products for different needs.


Biochemical drugs with high clinical value are widely used in various ophthalmic operations, such as crystal implantation, corneal transplantation and anti-glaucoma surgery.It can also be used to treat arthritis and speed up wound healing.Use it in cosmetic,can have distinctive protection skin effect, can keep the skin moist and smooth, exquisite and tender, be full of flexibility.It has the effect of anti-wrinkle, hairdressing and health care and restore skin physiology function.

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Film-forming property.

HA is a kind of polymer polymer, with obvious lubrication and good hand feeling when applied. Macromolecule HA forms a breathable film on the skin surface, making the skin smooth and moist, and preventing invasion of foreign bacteria and dust.

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Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel.

Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel for injection is also known as single-phase HA or second-generation HA. The combination of high shear viscosity and reasonable complex viscosity of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel for injection has high cohesion,which can effectively inhibit the influence of external forces, reduce diffusion and movement, and has higher stability.

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Why Choose Us?

Raw Materials Control

We are the of Korea biggest PDO THREAD raw material manufacturer’s strategic partner. Best raw material source must guarantee the finished product quality.

All the raw materials store with proper humidity and the temperature below 20℃ to guarantee the quality.

Adequate safety stock of raw materials to meet our heavy buyers’ capacity requirements which can shorten the lead time within 5 days to deliver out against the buyers’ order.

Production Control

Our factory has 7 modern hundred level GMP clean workshops total 2,800 square meters to meet customers’ capacity requirements. There are 485 production staffs total in factory, 155 production staffs get the bachelor degree, 330 staffs get the vocational skills certificates. 

Our production imported from abroad high technology machine manufacturer, including Germany Invoa filling machine, Sweden Jieding sterilization cabinet, The United States Weiler three-in-one aseptic filling equipment, 5T/h purification machine, 3T/h injection machine, 1T/h pure steam generator and other production equipment.

Full covering monitor of production to guarantee the production and product quality to avoid any risks. Besides, we also got the ISO9001, ISO13458 certificates, which shows are international standard operation.

R&D Control

We combined with many global famous universities as well as Korea professional experts for HA and PDO THREAD researching and development.

For each batch, we will store backups of samples for at least two years in case of a quality issue.

All the own R&D staffs have interdisciplinary professional backgrounds such as pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations, fermentation engineering, materials science, biomedical engineering, molecular biology, and microbiology.

Our group got many R&D patents of HA and PDO THREAD so far.

Delivery And Warehouse Control

All packing materials are bought from AAA credit packing factories in China, which is strong enough to protect the product against destroy and pollution.

Cooperate with global well-known logistic companies to ensure the lead time and safty.

Our professional design team also help clients’ design their own brand outside packaging.

We store the finished products in the proper warehouse with proper humidity and temperature strictly to ensure their quality. 

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