REJEON PLLA Filler injection for remove winkles

Short Description:

REJEON Poly L Lactic Acid can make the skin continue to grow collagen, smooth the wrinkles on the face and lift the loose facial skin in a natural, gradual and elegant way.

  • Brand: REJEON
  • Size: 365mg/vial;2 vials/box
  • Structure form: Lyophilized powder and cillin bottle
  • Redissolution: With 5-8ml sterilized water for injection
  • Function: Fill facial hollows; firm, plump and brighten skin; restore skin bounce; anti-aging for a longtime
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    Significant Effect


    Age reduction, face rejuvenation, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firming/firming.
    1. Firming: Firmly tighten sagging skin to achieve a significant firming effect.
    2. Lifting: Fill in the collagen vacancies lost by shrinking, lift the skin again for support, and significantly improve the sagging contour.
    3. Pull: Improve wrinkles and tighten the overall contour.
    4. Fine: While firming and rejuvenating the skin, it can effectively shrink the large pores and make the skin texture more delicate and shiny.
    5. Soft and tender: Erase the dull, rough and other traces of the years, transform into delicate and plump, moisturizing and whitening, and reproduce a healthy and youthful state.
    6. White: make the yellow and black skin fair, achieve a flawless complexion, smooth and elastic skin, blooming childlike.


    Applicable People

    1. Those with thin and dry skin;
    2. Those with excessive fine lines at the corners of the eyes and mouth;
    3. Those with sunken skin caused by nutrient loss;
    4. Those with more dry lines and fine lines on the face as a whole.


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